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Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design makes viewing a website easy in all screen resolutions, desktop, tablet and smartphone and facilitates the Search Engines to read and view the page. From a SEO point of view Responsive Design is required by the search engines versus using different sub domain for Mobiles. In fact, Google has begun removing companies from its indexing on mobile devices if their website is not mobile friendly.

What is Responsive Website Design?

Responsive design allows the visitor to view your website in all resolutions like PC, Laptop, Tablet, and Smart Phones.  Simply stated, you can see the same website URL in different screens clearly.

Internet Marketing Facts about of Responsive Mobile Sites

If SEO is a core component of your marketing strategy, having a mobile friendly website is essential to reach and promote to your markets because Mobile technology is improving at lightning speed.  It has already overtaken sales of Desktops and Laptops around the World and mobile Internet usage is growing so fast that it is going to overcome Desktop internet usage soon. So websites need to provide their users with the latest technology in Mobile Compatibility.

A responsive design website is SEO Gold

A responsive design website allows Google and the other search engines to search your site under just one relevant URL.  Therefore, responsive design websites will generally rank higher in search results.

In today's internet world, it is critical that your website is built in responsive design. 

Our production staff has built 100's of websites.  We have the knowledge of high design principles, usability studies and new web development technologies that will help deliver more customers.


Sampling of websites that our production staff has designed: