Have you ever wondered how your site ends up listed with search engines? Why your competitor’s site is first on the list and yours is lost way down in the listings?

The reason is simple: Search engine robots (or spiders) are reading your website’s content. Search engine robots are reading your competitor’s content. Search engine robots decide which content, on each individual page of a website… is most relevant to the searcher’s query.

What type of content do robots look at?

Text! They don’t just read the text you see on your site pages, they also read the text you do not see.

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program is designed to reshape your website’s pages to incorporate your business goals and accentuate your site and page’s search engine relevancy. This is crucial to all websites today, to maximize your site exposure to the major search engines.

Technical Consultation:

– Competitor research – to see what products and services your business offers that differentiate you from the competition.

– Keyword research – Where does your business fit? What product/service niche can we exploit to gain stronger website exposure, and greater click-through on calls to action?

– Keyword Analysis – We run several technical diagnostics to filter out and determine the best keywords to use for your business goals. You will receive a comprehensive list of recommended keywords to review with consultation support to help you make an informed decision.

– Technical Analysis – Includes domain analysis, technical platform review, pre-optimization baseline rankings.

Website Optimization:

– Keyword optimization to maximize the content relevancy on your site pages.

– Navigation and design optimization to gain strong click thru rates on calls to action, and ultimately conversions.

– HTML code and content optimization, we reshape not only the page text, but also key technical areas contained within the code.

– Images and link optimization to maximize search engine relevancy.

– Search engine code onsite optimization, including Google Analytics code properly setup and reporting relevant site metrics.

– WC3 page validation: ensures your pages and CSS are cross-browser compatible.

Technical Diagnostics:

– Personalized web-relevant Analytics (and associated) account and website setup, including the technical configurations needed to accurately scope, determine, maintain, and generate relevant performance metrics and reports.

– Technical diagnostics to confirm your site is routinely crawled by the search engine robots, and there are no technical issues with your site content preventing robots from incorrectly indexing your pages… or worse, skipping your pages.

– Creation and submission of your website’s sitemap in the proper code format needed to major search engines, which allow the robots to properly see your site.


– Search engines take into account the number and relevancy of links pointing to a site when determining a site’s or page’s relevancy. It is important to assure your site gains as many relevant links as possible.

– Submission of your site to major search engines.

– Submission of your site information to local and international directories, which gain your website additional SEO exposure and drive direct traffic to you.

– Strategic submission of your site to highly relevant industry directories — the more directories your site is submitted to, the more links back to your site, and the more times that search engines will visit the site. The more links you get, the quicker you’ll be indexed.

Monthly Monitoring:

– SEO Monthly Reports – Includes Analytics and Ranking.

– Analytics Health monitoring.

– Rank Analysis monitoring.

– Ongoing consultation, to refine your results and achieve top ROI.

The final goal of any website optimization project is to generate a maximum return on your investment. We are technically well-versed and extremely capable to position your site for top SEO performance and maximum ROI.

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